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ABC Travel Greenbook App Help Center.

Frequently Asked Questions

 How can I register my account?


App support registration by email or social account as Login via Facebook, Google, and apple account for iPhone.

How can I search a blacked own business?


By navigating to the map screen and typing your desired location in the search bar of the app you can search your desired location. If location is registered with us, then it will appear on the map and list. Then you can see the details of the business by taping on the business or its pin on the map. If your desired business doesn’t show up in the search you can always recommend a new business.


How can I list my business in the app?

You can get your business listed in our app by tapping on recommend a business on the main screen after successful registration. Once you have submitted a business recommendation your business will appear on the map and search once approved by app admin.


How many businesses can I recommend?


For now, there is no limitation on recommending a business, company reserve the right to update its terms and condition at any point and time.


What if listed business is not found?


ABC Travel Greenbook consist of legit business, though company do not own any of those business so don’t accept any responsibility for such businesses, but App users can review and rate any business, so we highly appreciate dropping reviews of the business.


How can I remove/ update my business from the app?


You can get your recommended business removed/updated from the app by contacting the us via email


What features are available in free trail?


Limited features of the app are available in the free trail, we highly suggest subscribing the premium plan for long term partnership.


Can I promote my business on via ABC Travel Greenbook App?


We have just a thing for you where you can promote your business via our app. You can navigate to my Profile>Setting>Partner with us


From this section you can provide your business details and we can promote your business after getting in touch. We have a promotion section on our app home screen. Where we will be listing your business for certain period of paid time. For details feel free to contact us via email


Which subscription plans are offered by ABC Travel Greenbook app?


We provide four different plan and details are mentioned below.

  • 4 days free trail

  • Monthly Plan at $3.99/ month

  • Yearly Plan at $39.99/ month

  • Lifetime plan at $59.99/ month


How can I unsubscribe my subscription?


As these subscriptions are managed by In App purchases you can cancel your subscription anytime by visiting your respective Appstore e.g. Apple Appstore or Google Play store.


How can I plan a trip via app?


App provides an outstanding feature of Trips, where you can select a destination and then create an itinerary. You can also create a group and add your buddies to the trip plan.


How can I create a group?


You can create a group while creating a trip or once you have created a trip. You can add your friend and family or any app users who are available to meet. Upon adding them to the group the invitee will receive a request in their social center and upon acceptance they will be added to the group chat for the trip.


Can anyone add me to the group without my consent?


If you have selected available to meet from your profile, then users can search and send an invitation to you to join a group. But you can either accept or reject that request from your social center. Only upon your acceptance you are added to the group can and can leave that group chat at any moment.


What is social center?


As the name suggests it is a place where users can interact with each other via 1-1 chat, group chat and can accept requests for group chat invitations.


How can I prevent people from adding me to groups?


You can do that by navigating to your profile and then turning off available for meetup option.


How can I make changes to my profile?


You can make changes to you profile information by navigating to the profile section and then can click edit on the desired section of profile to update.


How can I deactivate my account?


You can delete your account by navigating to the setting>Account>Delete Account.


How can I suggest improvements and report issues?


You can always contact us at

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